The Halls Of Tizun Thane

A missing scout.

    Introduction for Reed:
It was all going so well. You’d scouted ahead of the party once they realised they were approaching the village of Cahli, had a nose around and found nothing untoward. And then, just as you were prepared to leave the village to report back to your companions, you heard a scream. From your vantage point behind a cart you could see several goblins and what looked like a huge knight striding into the centre of the village. One of the goblins held a small girl by the hair, pulling her along behind him. Villagers appeared from their homes, obviously afraid but unwilling to endanger the girl by attacking the raiding party.

The goblin began to issue demands to the villagers, claiming that since the village was no longer under the protection of Tizun Thane, it would from this day forth pay homage to the goblin’s master, an entity they referred to as Curwen. The villagers looked unhappy, but the goblins went among them threatening violence if tribute were not forthcoming.

It was at this point you became aware of a figure standing behind you. You whirled, but were not fast enough to stop the blow from falling. When you recovered your senses you saw that you’d been put onto a cart and were being held upright while something was put around your neck. A moment later, and you realised that the something was actually a noose, attached to a tall hastily-placed post in the centre of the vilage. The tall and silent knight held the tongue of the cart and made ready to pull sharply, leaving you to dangle from the end of the rope. Your hands are tied behind your back.

“Perhaps executing this one will convince you of the seriousness of our intentions!” The leader of the goblins, a robed figure with an unpleasant grin, shouts to the surrounding villagers.

Ah well, you think. It could be worse.

From the horizon you hear a crash of thunder, and then you feel the first drops of rain fall on your upturned face.


The goblin leader raises his arms and prepares to shout a command to the hulking figure at the head of the cart.

Hang on. The robed goblin is hesitating. He’s seen something at the edge of the village. Is that….?

    Introduction for everyone else:
After following vague rumours of the apparent disappearance or incapacity of the famed sorcerer Tizun Thane you approached the region in which it was said he made his home. Knowing from rough signposts that a village lay ahead you sent Reed out to spy out the lay of the land without arousing the suspicion a party of armed wanderers might attract. That was three hours ago, and Reed was late.

Where was he? You’d patiently waited … and waited … and waited. Eventually, a collective decision was made to follow his trail to the village and see which bar he’d found and which ale he’d managed to ‘sample’ this time. As you trudged through the forest you entertained each other with competing bids for who would be first to clip him round the ear for his inevitable slide into inebriation. The village loomed ahead of you in the darkening light, and you began to hear a loud, screeching voice proclaim something about ‘an execution’. Exchanging worried looks you picked up your pace, reaching the edge of a crude village square in time to see a strange tableau. Your companion stands on tiptoes atop a cart harnessed to what looked to be a tall knight, with a noose around his neck and a large group of gobilns surrounding him. Villagers are dotted here and there amongst the goblins All faces turn towards you.



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